Participation in the Strafford County Board of REALTORS® entitles you to help shape the future of the organization, the industry and your own businesses health. We look forward to your participation as a Board “decision maker”.  Please mark your preferences and/or call me for any additional information you may need.

Barbara Murphy,  2020 President
Strafford County Board of REALTORS®, 130 Central Avenue, Dover, NH, 03820  

Affiliates Committee:

Affiliates and REALTORS® make up this committee. They meet monthly and are unlimited in number. Their Statement of Purpose is “To facilitate professional relationships and communication between the Strafford County REALTORS and Affiliates, promoting the positive image of the Real Estate industry through community service, education, and active participation in the broader mission of the Strafford County Board of REALTORS®.” The President appoints the chairperson or co-chairs with acceptance by the Board of Directors.  Please Contact either Co Chair:

Lora Piatti with Cohen Closing and Title:

Don Chick of Don Chick Photography:

Bylaws Committee:

Reviews the Board bylaws and Rules and Regulations with those suggested by the National Association of REALTORS® and the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® . This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding any changes, as they may become necessary. The President appoints the chairperson with acceptance by the Board of Directors.

Bylaws Chair: Nate Dickey with Keller Williams Coastal Realty

Community Service Committee:

Maintains and enhances the REALTOR® image and awareness of the REALTOR® organization through community projects. They meet monthly to plan and orchestrate suggested functions to raise funds for a community project of Board purpose. The President appoints the chairperson with acceptance by the Board of Directors and this committee has at least 8 REALTOR® and Affiliate members. The Community Service Chair is a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Community Service Committee Chair: JoAnn Moore with Buyer’s Central

Education Committee:

This committee meets a few times each year and is made up of at least 4 REALTOR®  Members. They provide ongoing educational opportunities to our members. Their goal is to motivate the membership toward increased and continuing education, to plan programs for the year, focusing primarily on the quarterly membership meetings, keeping in mind that the purpose of the meetings is to broaden REALTORS® ‘ participation and knowledge. The President appoints the chairperson with acceptance by the Board of Directors. The Education Chair is a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Education Committee Chair: David Stevens, Hourihane Cormier Associates  

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee comprises of the President, Ex Officio, President Elect, Treasurer and the Executive Officer.

REALTOR Safety Task Force:

The REALTOR Safety Task Force keeps abreast of issues related to keeping all members safe on the job.  As REALTORS, 96% of REALTORS® have never been the victim of crime, but 40% have feared for their safety or the safety of their personal information.  This Committee supplies members with the tools they need to stay out of harm’s way and to be aware at all times of your surroundings and situation.

Barbara Murphy with HCA is the Task Force Chair

RPAC Task Force:

The REALTOR® Political Action Committee promotes participation in REALTOR® PACs and IMF, solicits and collects contributions from the membership. The Chairperson is appointed annually by the President and is made up of up to 3 REALTOR® Members. This committee provides appropriate recognition to supporters. The President appoints the Legislative/RPAC chairperson with acceptance by the Board of Directors.

Ansel Crombleholme of RE/MAX Realty Group  is SCBR’s Task Force Chair

Communications Committee:

This Commitee updates Members via social media, with current events, classes, news flashes and reports. Promotes the REALTOR image and REALTOR activities to the general public by news releases, promotes the unification efforts as set forth in the CORE Standards and updates SCBR’s social sites.  This Committee is constantly evolving with new technology and needs members who enjoy working with websites, graphics and social media platforms!

Brendan Phelan, KWCR–Chair

Strategic Planning Committee:

Establishes goals and objectives of the Strafford County Board of REALTORS® . The President Elect is the chairperson. This committee is usually made up of the Officers, Directors and committee chairs plus other REALTORS®

Professional Standards:

Conducts hearings on all grievances. All information received is strictly confidential. The President appoints the chairperson with acceptance by the Board of Directors. The members must be familiar with the Code of Ethics and the Board’s bylaws. Members are required to be up to date on the Code of Ethic’s Requirement. (Minimum 2 years as a REALTOR)

Professional Standards Chair:  Madiha Farag of Better Homes & Gardens, Masiello Group:

New Member Support:

This Committee follows up with new members, inviting them to upcoming meetings and events, and in essence, mentoring them during the first year.  If you are a new REALTOR member, this Committee is for you!

New Member Support Chair:  Beth Wiggins with Hourihane, Cormier and Associates