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Get Empowered

Get Supported

NAR advocates every day for federal, state, and local policy initiatives that protect REALTORS® and the public.

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Expand your knowledge and explore new interests with publications, research reports, advanced training, and specialties.

Get Noticed

Be known as your community’s expert with marketing/technology solutions including professional property reports and content for social media marketing.

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Your membership pays for itself with savings and special offers in personal insurance, vehicles, technology, marketing resources, shipping, car rentals, and many more personal and business-related needs via NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Program.

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NAR builds innovation in the industry by investing in companies transforming real estate, and offers opportunities for REALTORS® to meet and share ideas.

Get Involved

Caring for communities and advancing the industry are key parts of the REALTOR® mission.


  • Realtor® Rewards & Realtor® Benefits Plus through NAR
  • Legally binding dispute resolution through Arbitration & Mediation services
  • Looking out for YOU in Washington & Concord
    • Strong lobbing at the state and national levels protecting the right of real estate ownership and your position in the real estate market.
  • Strafford County Board:
    • When other problems command your attention, the officers, directors and staff of the Strafford County Board keep working with your interests in mind.
    • Ombuds Service through State at NHAR
    • Financial stability 
    • Education Classes
    • Ethics administration
    • Free New Member Orientation loaded with info to get you started on your career path
    • Free online Code of Ethics class for new members
    • SCBR Facebook page–check it out daily for updates and event links!
    • Advertising on SCBR’s Facebook page for Members
    • Advertising in SCBR’s weekly newsletter for Open and Broker Open Houses
    • Outstanding Committees!
    • ONE FREE NH Core Course for SCBR Members each year
    • Weekly Newsletter e-mail blasts keeping you up to date on all fronts
    • Affiliate fundraising that promotes REALTOR® image
    • Quarterly meetings to bring you ideas and information.
    • No meeting attendance requirements.
    • Friendships with people who understand your business struggles and achievements
    • Committee projects and other Association activities that allow you to contribute to your chosen field, the economy and the general good.
  • Strength in numbers – Over 1 million strong nationwide!
  • Publications and reports prepared with your special needs in mind.
  • The value of the REALTOR® brand.
  • REALTOR® Credit Union.