Dues:  Yearly dues comprise of State, Local and National Dues and are due each year no later than 12/31.  A late fee goes into effect on January 1st with no exceptions.  ALL dues must be paid online.  We accept MC/Visa and online e checks.   To pay dues click on the pay dues link at the bottom of our home page.  You must have your NRDS# to pay dues.  Can’t find your NRDS#?  Your Realtor Magazine has your NRDS# right on your address label or go to www.realtor.org and check via your last name or email address.  It’s a good idea to keep your NRDS# in a convenient place, since you will need this to pay dues each year!

Dues for a new member also comprise of State, Local and National Dues, and also include a one time membership fee of $225.00.   In order to join SCBR, your designated broker must also be a member of SCBR.

Board of Choice:  The Board of Choice concept allows REALTORS® to choose the board to which they want to belong on the basis of factors they decide are the most important to them.

 What is the difference between Primary & Secondary Membership?  An individual is a primary member of a board if that board remits State and National dues are remitted through another board.  Since National dues are only paid once, there is only one primary board.

Privileges of Secondary Members:    A secondary member would have the same rights and privileges of any other REALTOR® member including  the right to vote and hold office.


The office is closed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on all major holidays.

Visiting the Board Office:   We always welcome members at the Board Office, however, it is recommended you call first as the EO is the only staff and sometimes works remotely, is out at meetings, seminars, NAR, AE and NHAR conferences or is out of the office on appointments.  If you need to meet with the EO, please email or call the office to set up an appointment.  Phone is 603-330-3131–email is scbrnh@gmail.com

The Board Office does not sell signage or lock boxes any longer.   Supra’s can be purchased from NNEREN in Concord or you can visit MFS Supply’s website to place an order http://www.mfssupply.com/

Zipforms:   Having problems with Zipforms?  Visit our Education Tab for a quick video.  Still having trouble?  Contact them directly at 586-840-6500 or visit them at www.zipformplus.com     Dotloop info is also on the same page as Zipforms and also on NHAR’s site.

MLS/NNEREN:   If you find yourself not able to access MLS, it may mean you have not yet paid REALTOR® dues or are delinquent.  Please go online at www.realtor.org to check your status.  If you are inactive, please contact the Board Office so the EO can activate you so you may go online and pay dues.  Once you are current, NNEREN will be notified.  We do not collect NNEREN fees here at the Board Office.  Those payments must go directly to NNEREN.  A quick link to NNEREN is at the bottom of our home page.

Education Credits:  SCBR only keeps track of your Code of Ethics credits.  All other classes, number of credits, date of license expiration and other matters are up to each member to track.  On the homepage, we have a quick link to the RE Commission.   It is also up to each member to keep copies of Certificates issued by each Instructor.  SCBR offers one free NH Core Class each year available to SCBR Members.  For classes, you can look under the Education Tab for NHAR and SCBR’s calendars.

Education Classes:  SCBR offers one free NH CORE Class to members each year and we try to offer as many free elective classes as possible.  It is Board Policy that if you sign up for a class and do not attend said class, you will be billed.   Check the schedule under the Education Tab on the website.

Membership Meetings:   SCBR meets quarterly for monthly Membership Meetings.  We do not meet in July and August.  For a schedule of Meetings, please go to the News and Events Tab.  Please be advised, if you RSVP for a Membership Meeting and do not show up, you will be billed.

Orientation for New Members:   Each new Member must complete a Code of Ethics class per NAR and our SCBR Orientation for an overview of your new career as a REALTOR and the role of the Board.  These are both mandatory classes.  When you join SCBR you will receive more information on both of these classes along with how to sign up and complete both.  Only once both classes have been completed, each new member will be Inducted into SCBR and receive a REALTOR® pin & certificate at an upcoming Membership Meeting.

Board of Directors:   Not sure who is on our Board?  Visit the About Us tab to view photos of each BOD Member!

Committees:    SCBR is committed to our members and the Community if which we reside and work in.  We have many Committees working diligently and are always looking for new and seasoned members to join.  Please visit the About Us/Committees tab and feel free to contact the Chair of one or more of the Committees listed to garner more information and to join!   Don’t see a Committee you think is valuable?  Let us know.  We always welcome suggestions and so many members have amazing talents we would love to see put to great use!

Facebook:  Open Houses/BOH Visit our Facebook page!  Our Communication’s Chair keeps this page up to date and it is definitely worth “liking” so you will always be in the know!  Click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of our homepage.  You can post Open Houses on our FB Page for a small fee.  You must submit your flyer via email as an attached jpeg.  The MLS#, Price, Property Address and contact info for you and the Brokerage must be included/listed.  Once approved for posting, you will be billed via credit card.  Contact our Communication’s Chair to learn more!  Brendan Phelan:  Brendan@upmanagement.org

Ethics, Arbitration, Ombuds & Mediation:    Please visit our About Us/Code of Ethics/Ombudsman tabs to learn more about the Code of Ethics and the various ways you can find resources to help guide and explain the best way to proceed with a complaint.  Most members find both our Ombuds Program and Mediators extremely helpful.  Both are excellent ways to resolve possible violations.

National Associaton of Realtors:    If you are in need of resources that your State and Local Association may not have at the ready, please log on to www.nar.realtor  The link is active and will take you directly to the site.   You will find it is a wealth of information and many times the information you seek, is right at your fingertips!